Happy New Year

Don’t you just love this time of year?

The bloggers are doing their annual reviews and publishing their goals for the coming year. Tweeters are passing along inspirational quotes to start 2012 off on a positive note. All the top ‘x’ things and lists are showing up and they probably will for another week or so.

All in all, everyone seems to be on a positive note on January 1, and that often last through at least the first few weeks of the year.

At Green Timbers Park this morning, it seemed that everyone was going out of their way to be friendly with everyone else. Pretty much everyone on the trails had a smile and a Happy New Year for those they passed. People were actually catching fish in the little lake in the park, and I watched a grebe do the same. (BTW, the fisherman released his catch; the grebe didn’t. Both were happy 😉

It would take some concerted effort, but I bet we could keep that friendly, optimistic spirit up and going for the whole of 2012 if we really tried. What do ya think. Shall we give it a try?

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