Pullout on the Banks of the Fraser


There’s a little pullout on the banks of the Fraser River, just west of where Nordel Way runs into River Road in Delta. It’s ugly and unkempt, but offers quite a picturesque view of the Alex Fraser Bridge looking east, and a glimpse of Annasis Island to the north and west.

It can all be quite pretty looking out over the river. The mood changes with the weather, the time of day and the season, and there is usually some form of traffic working the river. The variety of boats is amazing. Everything from big, boxy car freighters to small aluminum fishing boats work the river all year.

It’s a shame we don’t make more public use of the south shores of the Fraser. There’s lots of industry, but public access is limited. Matter of fact, I don’t think there is much access at all between Brownsville Park in north Surrey and this pullout spot in Delta.


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