Most Viewed Flickr Photo

_DWS3779, Nikon 24-120 4.0

There aren’t a lot of folks frequenting my Flickr photo stream, but there does seem to be a few. This photo is the most viewed of them all so far.

It was taken in October 2010 on the west side of the current Surrey City Hall. Just off the parking lot, there is a cement wall facing south that’s covered in ivy. It gets really colourful in the fall.

I used my Nikon D3S with a 24-120 f4 lens. It’s a relatively new lens in Nikon’s line up, and I actually bought it to use for events. It has a good focal range for covering most of the activity you’ll find at a business event.

Now that I’m photographing fewer events, I’m not using it as much as I should. While it isn’t the best lens for wildlife, apparently it does an acceptable job with nature photographs too. Of course for nature photos, just being there at the right time is half the battle.

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