Trapped in a game


Every once in a while, life seems to drift over to video games. LIke now for instance.

On the iPad, I’m helping some Angry Birds get their eggs back. On the XBox, I’ve just finished Call of Duty, Black Ops, and I’ve moved backward in the series to Call of Duty, World at War. It’s amazing how fast the day can fill up 😉

We’ll see how it goes. I was really hoping that Halo 4 would be out this year, but apparently it’s not due until the holiday season of 2012. Sigh. That has to be one of the best game series of all time, right up there with classics like Quake and Half-life.

This photo relates mostly to the Angry Birds. As soon as I sat down on a picnic bench at Green Timbers Lake, this little fellow flew down from a tree and started walking toward me. As he got closer and closer, his wings got wider and wider, showing more and more of his bright red plumage. He actually got quite close and let out a scream – ok, an angry chirp.

Guess I was supposed to run. When I didn’t, he turned slowly and walked away at an angle, watching me carefully for a few feet until he flew away. I guess I’d been warned and that was enough.

Now, about those eggs…

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