It’s too bad about Occupy Vancouver

The OV movement in Vancouver (and the one in Victoria) seems to have lost its way. The folks in tents seem to have lost the sympathy that many of the rest of the 99% had with the cause. Now we have a very small, more militant group (of anarchists?), trying to talk for the 99% and egging the authorities on into some form of war.

The movement started out with some ‘demands’ that I could relate to:

– It is obscene how some people are ‘earning’ millions of dollars a year, while the people that do the work for them earn a pittance

-There is a lot of pollution in the world, and there has to be a better way to deal with it

– The cost of education is getting way out of hand, especially when you consider the wages young folks make

– and others, I’m sure

Those issues should be addressed, and soon.

But, and that’s a big But, when the participants resort to biting police and throwing bottles of urine at city workers, those folks lose all credibility. That’s no longer peaceful protest. That’s assault, and that’s a crime. They’ve just invited the police in to do what they do – restore some form of civility on a mob.

Guess we’ll see what happens. It is too bad though. It started as a noble cause.

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