Creating a 20th Century Trail Network

Tynehead Trail bridge 4

Over the last few years, the City of Surrey has been developing networks of bikeways and walkways to encourage people to get out of their cars. Last summer, they finished off a couple of critical links in the form of bridges, one in South Surrey, and one in the Tynehead Park area of North Surrey.

Both bridges have a modern, striking design with colourful, animated lights. They cross over highways and let pedestrians and cyclists avoid the crazy-busy roads in the area. This bridge, near Tynehead Park, crosses Highway 1 and links up the residential areas to the north.

By all reports, the bridges are well received, and will do a lot to link up any future development in the areas north and south of the highway. In the meantime, they make great camera fodder šŸ˜‰

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