Playing with the new toys.

So let’s see how blogging goes from the iPad with a bluetooth keyboard…

I finally got out today and took some personal time with my D3S. I’m pushing 1800 photos with it over the last 2 months, but very few are personal. Most are for events at work. It was nice to get out again.

Walking along the shoreline at Crescent Beach, I came across this carrot mixed in with the seaweed. Seemed like a strange place for a carrot, but perhaps not. About 30 yards away there was another one just like it. By then, I figured I had potential for a salad, of sorts šŸ˜‰

Anyway, the carrots were probably just remnants from the beach folks the day before, washed up with the tide.

I’ll be interested to see how the photo comes across on typepad. I’m using Blogpress for now, just to see how much I can do. So far the keyboard is working out quite well. I’ve tried to scale the photo down a bit and aligned it left on the page. We’ll see.

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