Catching up on a few things

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. Woops. With Twitter (@donsca), and all the reading these days about social media, you’d think I’d be more attentive here too. No excuse. Sooo…

Just a couple of notes from the weekend to start.

Being GreenGoing green?

I was reading the paper on Saturday when I had to laugh. The ad in the crummy picture here pretty much says it all: I can get 3-4 lbs of paper a week from the Vancouver Sun, but they insist I can be more “green” if I convert to e-billing. Huh? I guess there’s some logic there somewhere.

Be sure, they take the subscription right off my credit card and I don’t get a paper bill, but if I did, something tells me the ad wouldn’t change my ways. Probably a better bet would be to drop the paper completely and wait for the new to find me.


On Sunday I pushed my butt out the door to take some pictures at Bear Creek Park. While leaning on a bridge rail, taking some pictures of the local ducks, a couple of young ladies shouted across the pond and asked me to take their picture. Seemed a bit weird for them to ask a perfect stranger in the park, but whatever.

That was an interesting experience – having some ‘models’ to shoot in a park. The photos are up on Flickr (88103-8113). They’re not great, but it’s a start.

I’m more use to a business setting, and taking pictures at events. Having someone pose for me in a park was very different. I’d like to try that again sometime, perhaps with a model that had a bit more time.

Someone said that life was all about showing up. I tend to agree and would add that it’s often the little things in your day that make life interesting.

Till later…

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