Snow Leopard bites Nikon Capture NX2 v2.2.2

If you’re a photographer using a Mac and Nikon NX2, be forewarned. The version upgrade to 2.2.2 kills Capture NX2 under Snow Leopard.

I had the experience today. NX2 was running fine on Leopard, and when the new version was announced at about the same time as Snow Leopard for Mac, I assumed it would include some fixes for the new Snow Leopard operating system. I just installed it and left it at that. All should be well, right?


NX2 wouldn’t read NEF RAW files or jpegs today, which is the first time I’ve tried it since applying the version upgrade.

Google came to the rescue again. I found a post by diglloyd about how he’s dealt with the problem. The fix? Downgrade back to ver2.2.0 and all’s well.

Hopefully NIkon will get up to speed soon.


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