What’s new over the last month?

A Posterous account.

I found this while reading Steve Rubel. It’s dead simple. Just send a note off to post at posterous.com and the site sets up a blog for you, based on your email address. A return email gives you the relevant access information, but you can just keep sending things via email to build your blog. You can even embed pictures and links to other sites you’ve found.

You can watch your blog grow anonymously, or login to explore some of the other features. You can automatically update your other sites like facebook and twitter with your posts (or links to them), or subscribe to other posterous blogs. More to come, I’m told.

You can also sign in and post online, or use the new iphone app picposterous. Either way, posting is a snap, and the site includes an RSS feed. Nice.

Want a collection of the pictures you’ve taken at an event? Picposterous/posterous will build you a gallery based on the pictures you send. They will all be contained in a single post, with the title based on the Picposterous album name. I’m still trying to figure out how to delete individual pictures from the gallery, but in general, it works like a charm.

So cool.

A twitter account.

I swore I’d never do it, but … I did. What can I say.

Now that I’ve learned more about Twitter, I’m starting to see some value. Within a few minutes of signing in, I’d found some friends and a couple of local photographers, heard about some folks that were looking for a photographer, and got very confused about all the RT, @, D and #FF stuff littering tweets 😉

It’s getting better now. I’ve settled in with Tweetdeck and Tweetie on the desktop and iphone for now. We’ll see how it goes.

The next goal will be to tie everything together somehow. Typepad, Twitter, Posterous, and perhaps Facebook.

We live in interesting times.

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