The news? No, thanks. I’ve seen it

It was so disappointing tonight. I was watching CTV news after dinner and there were two sections that were nothing but re-runs from earlier shows. One was about some all-in-one remote control that worked as advertised (wow).

Can’t remember the other one. It was on at the end of the news section, just before sports. There was no point in watching it once they told me about it in the pre-commercial preview they are so fond of. Boring.

What gives? Are we that short of actual news around town that we have to recycle the old stuff?

It’s not just CTV. While reading the Vancouver Sun over the last while, I’ve seen numerous articles being repeated at least twice, perhaps in different sections, but not always, but usually a couple of days apart. Maybe that made it ‘new’ news when they change the location or the timing?

No wonder people are changing their reading and watching habits. How many times can you go through a two minute news piece and still find it interesting enough to pay for? Some added value on an old piece, perhaps. But not the same story verbatim.

I know my threshold is getting shorter. How about yours?

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