Mac migration

IPhone_screenWell, I finished up my Apple collection a couple of weeks ago by buying an IPhone 3Gs. I’ve been a Palm fanatic since the first Palm Pilots hit the street and finished up with a Treo using a Telus plan. I have binders full of receipts from various apps I’ve bought and upgraded, but there was always something missing. I never knew just what that was.

Now I know. The Palm has always been anchored by my desktop computer. I had to sync the two everyday and sometimes more, or get hopelessly out of date. Changes here, changes there, and before I knew it, I couldn’t be sure which version was most up-to-date.

The IPhone is different. Between Google, MobileMe, WiFi and 3G, my phone, desktop and online versions of mail, contacts, todos and calendar all stay in sync, real time. If I’m at the computer and need to update the calendar, I just do it. Leave 5 min later and need that date. It’s there on the phone. What’s simpler than that.

Some other apps require a WiFi connection, but that’s ok. I don’t rely on those as much as I do the others. If things get critical, I can always hit a local WiFi site and sync them up.

Of course Telus didn’t handle the IPhone, so I had to open an account with Rogers. Might like it, might not. Back in the 90’s I was sad when I had to change the cable TV from Rogers to Shaw, but I got over it. My Telus account just has a few months left, so the double bill won’t last that long. I’ve been a happy Telus customer for years, so when (or if) Telus ever handles the IPhone, I might move back. Just depends on the service from Rogers, I guess.

It’s been a real learning curve, but most of what I need (and more) is up and running now.

There’s nothing not to like so far. Recommended.

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