Visiting Sidney over the weekend

Spent some time on Vancouver Island over the weekend. It was great to see the family again for a couple of days.

Just before I left on Saturday afternoon, we went to Sidney, near the BC Ferry terminal, for a quick coffee and some photos.

Band shell_DSC6883Lesson learned. Two o’clock in the afternoon is not the golden hour for photography. The light was harsh, the crowds were dense, and we only had an hour or so before I had to catch the ferry. Next time I’d like to spend an early morning or late afternoon taking some pictures there for a couple of hours.

Still, we did find some interesting shots. My nephew brought his D80 along, and I had my D300. We ducked and bobbed around, grabbing what shots we could. This one is of a new bandshell or stage that’s under construction in a harbour park. The lines intrigued me, but there was no way to get a clear line of sight for a shot from outside the construction fence. I tried a couple of times before I got this photo by holding my camera over the fence above my head. It was much to bright to see the lcd screen using the ‘live view’ option, so I focused through the fence, raised the camera, and hoped for the best. Seems to have turned out alright. There’s a couple more shots from the day with this one at Flickr .

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