Inserting pictures with margins between text

It seems MarsEdit needs some help in placing pictures on the page. You have to add some code to set up your margins or else the text will be plumb with the photo.

This will test some code I’ve just found in another post using Ecto. With any luck it will put a 10px margin around the edges. It looks right in the preview, but you never know until you try it for real, right?

So, lesee what happens with this picture above.

Floating leafAnd let’s see what happens with this second picture. For this one, I inserted the code via an edit to a copy of the macro for the align left choice in MarsEdit and added some margin.

Well, whadayaknow. looks good in the editor preview, so let’s see what it looks like online.

murmer murmer. I really shouldn’t have to be doing this in the 21st Century.

update: note to self. You really need more space between the photos to let them align properly.

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