If you’ve got a drain, you’ll want to clear it

Derek over at Penmachine has a good post with pictures about the current state of Vancouver’s unseasonable snow.

Out in Surrey, things are much the same. The main streets are reasonably clear, but side roads are impossible. Mountains of snow are piled up and it’s near impossible to walk anywhere ’cause few of the sidewalks have been cleared. Where driveways open on to main streets, it’s often impossible to see past the snowbanks to suss out on-coming traffic. It’s dangerous out there.

As he says, in many ways the coming melt will be welcome. Unfortunately it sounds like it will be all at once, with a lot of rain.

Tonight Environment Canada just issued a warning calling for rising freezing levels, melting snow, and heavy rain. They say there could be 100-150mm of rain in the Fraser Valley and up to 100mm in Vancouver.

This, combined with the current snow pack and frozen soil below it,  could result in really serious flooding problems in Metro Vancouver and a dangerous rise in streamflow in local rivers.

If you know where a storm drain is on your street, help out your neighbours and clean it off so the deluge can flow away with minimal damage.

Ah, the wet coast.

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