It’s never easy

Starting with a new program always means adapting to its foibles. It seems Contribute is no different.

The first few posts to Typepad and Blogger went off without a hitch . The first time was a snap, but now I’m back after Xmas, things are not quite as rosy.

A Blogger blog I have doesn’t seem to work now. All I get is a message saying there is an error, or I’m not logged in. Perhaps the upgrade to the new Blogger format there has something to do with it. I saw something in the help section that there are 3rd-party programs using an older api. Patience, I guess.

Typepad still seems to work.  Well, we’ll see at the end of this post, won’t we. There is one other private blog that won’t let me in, so I guess I’ll have to see about getting them to fix that.

All said and done though, so far Qumana has been foolproof. I’ve managed to post on all the blogs I’ve tried so far. Might have to stick to that, rather than Contribute for blogs. We’ll see. That might go against the grain at work. 


  1. Just in case .. we at Qumana expect to have a new version out in a week – 10 days that will work effectively with the new Blogger platform.

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