China anyone?

Well it’s been pretty dark in here for a couple of months. Apologies. I’ve started a full time job with the Surrey Board of Trade and it’s taken a while to get use to the 9 to 5 cycle. More on that later, but let’s just state the obvious for now – it’s very different from being self-employed. Interesting work, great collegues, but the regular hours take some getting use to. It’s coming, but it’s taking some time.

With that short introduction to let you know where this post is coming from, I wanted to publicize something the SBoT is offering through Dec 22. No, I won’t get a kickback on this, but I am trying to help my employer.

They have a great deal right now that they’re offering with Citislinc International. A tour package to China: 4 Cities, 8 days and 7 nights, all inclusive, for a non-member price of $1,849. Members save $50. The price includes round trip airfare, hotels, airport taxes, 3 meals a day, English speaking tour guides, and admission to a number of events. I’m no expert, but given that the cost of air alone runs close to a grand in Canadian bucks , this sounds like a pretty good deal.

If you’re thinking of doing business in China sometime, the organizers can set up some meetings with people in your industry. If you just want to tour around, that’s fine too.

There’s an information session about the trip on December 12 at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel between 7 and 9 pm. Final deadline for a $125 deposit is December 22. Give them a call at 604.581.7130.

Now (hopefully) back to regular programming.

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