Tails within the tail

Just reading The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. It’s easy to read, and there is lots of excellent, detailed content – the sign of a good writer/editor. Even though I’m not quite finished it yet, I highly recommend reading it.

I’ve followed some of the book content and the discussion about it through his Long Tail blog, but today I was really struck by his description of the microstructure of the tail – actually a series of tails within the tail. For me, it added some clarity to the definition of niche, and I hadn’t seen that discussed before, or at least I wasn’t receptive to it when I did.

Good stuff. I have a feeling that this is one book I’ll have to read a couple of times to absorb all the ideas and what they mean to me.

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  1. Just deleted a trackback on this post. The link just went to a nonsense blog full of advertising. ‘Nuf said. – D

  2. When the book came out last month, I thought I’d wait. Then I remembered that it would probably be Xmas before our local megastore – Chapters/Indigo – got around to stocking it.Decided to use Amazon, and it was here in a week. Easy.I do recommend the blog, whether you buy the book or not. It’s an interesting read on its own.

  3. I have been meaning to get to this book for so long but simply haven’t had time! I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out Chris’ blog — I actually didn’t know that he had one specifically for The Long Tail. I’m sure it’ll come in handy once I start reading!

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