Dogs attack, wildlife retaliates

Sorry, just had to laugh during the Global news tonight in Vancouver. One of the top stories was about a dog that had attacked a deer in a Kelowna Park. Seems the owner had let him off the leash at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and the dog had chased down the deer, wounding it.

Of course the ‘people’ stories followed with rants about those bad dog owners that do that – let their pets off the leash.

I guess the birds had seen the incident too, and rapidly spread the news about the wayward dog. It has to be, because the next story was about the deer in Princeton, BC. Apparently they’d got to know the community so well they were staying in town all summer, and not just in winter when the snow was deep.

Anyway, turns out the deer in Princeton have started attacking the local dogs now, and the town is thinking about a cull (of deer).

Maybe the poor animals were just getting back for the Kelowna dog-deer incident?

Got to wonder…


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