Marketing 2.0

I picked up a post from Jim McGee at Corante tonight that talks about how marketing is changing. It’s a good summary of some of the effects of ubiquitous computing and web 2.


The Elements of the New Marketing ReMix


The remix is from Place to Presence; from Promotion to Persuasion; from Positioning to Preference; from Price (static) to Price (dynamic); and from Product to Personalization.  These are the key elements of the new marketing remix.”

[update: I should have said that the clip above was from Sviokla’s Content.]

What really hit home for me was the discussion of promotion. It use to be in the marketer’s hands, but now, word of mouth marketing and the availabilty of online information is taking that power away.

I read somewhere once that doctors were having a time of it because patients come into the office only after researching their symptoms; and car dealers often knew less about the cars they sell than buyers coming onto the lot ( sorry, no links).

We live in interesting times.

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