Can we have more ads in RSS please


Yes, you read that right. But within reason, please.
I’m getting to the point of unsubscribing to a number of very good blogs. And it goes back to the age “old full post vs lead-in” argument that goes on from time to time.
It’s all personal preference, of course, but…
One of the reasons I prefer RSS is that I don’t have to hop around constantly from blog to blog. But lately, more and more people seem to be providing only the first 100-200 words through RSS. They invite you to the blog site to read the rest. Often ‘the rest’ is just a paragraph or two that wraps things up. How irritating.
Now there are a number of reasons to do that, I guess. Two could be:
  • to get people to come to their site and see/click on their ads
  • to get people to come and comment on their post
Well for the former, why not just put a few ads in your RSS feed and be done with it. For the latter, I’m not sure that’s how to do it. If I like a post and want to comment, I’ll click through to the site and comment. If I have to click through to your website to see a whole post, I might not even finish reading it, let alone head over to comment.
That said, I understand that some folks like to read through some introduction to a post and then click through to read only those that interest them. But really, with the RSS reading tools available today it’s not that hard to scroll through to the next entry.
Guess there’s really no answer for everyone. Perhaps I’ll just move those blogs to my someday/maybe list of blogs to read. I’ll go through them when I’ve got more time (hah, hah).
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