Back in the saddle

Ok, at the risk of stating the obvious, I have to mention that I haven’t been posting much.
Well, it’s been busy. What else can I say.
Here’s a glimpse of the calendar for October (in no particular order):
  • Joined the board of a group that acts as steward of a local park (Green Timbers Park – sorry, the link web page is down)
  • Finished off three courses in the SFU Writing and Publishing Program  (just have to write two exams)
  • Volunteered to act as the lead for Contractor’s group for the STC and attended my predecessor’s last meeting
  • Spent a weekend at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference
  • Purged of a lot of stuff at home
  • Attended 3 Toastmasters meetings, and helped steal the flag from another Toastmasters club (then they stole it back 😉
  • Went over to Victoria for Thanksgiving to visit my sister and her family
  • Attended a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting on goal setting
  • Chipped my tooth and got it fixed
  • Reviewed a draft website for a colleague
  • Attended the SOHO small business expo

I know, everyone’s busy. But, this month has been busier than usual for me. Guess I’d better get use to it.

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