Tossing it out

Over the course of a long career in biology and management, I’ve collected a lot of reference material. Now, with a change of focus, I’ve started collecting a lot of different stuff on communication. The problem is that I don’t live in an infinite space to keep it all, and I’m definitely feeling the pinch.
The file cabinets are bulging, the bookcases are overflowing, the floors are starting to get covered with boxes of “I’ll need that someday”, and I’m feeling a real space crunch. Earlier in the week I decided to take the bull by the horns and start purging. The results have been mixed, and filled with emotion, but I’m determined to pare things down over the next few days.
Wouldn’t you know it. Today I’m reading through some favorite blogs, and I come across a post in 43folders pointing to Metagirrl talking about ‘discardia’.  Metagirrl provides the definition as: “Discardia is celebrated by getting rid of stuff and ideas you no longer need.” There is also a call for a national holiday, sometime around the equinox or solstice.
The author starts out with:
“I’ve been practicing discardia for several years now and am now reaping significant benefits. My home is light, airy, uncluttered and comforting. Waking in it or returning after being away gives me an immediate sense of my load being lightened….”
Clearly there are ‘evergreen’ subjects in life. Sooner or later everyone has to lighten the load. I guess the trick is to keep on top of it, rather than passively let it build up through lack of attention.
Ha, the wonderful world of blogs. Tomorrow another box….
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