Visits, conferences and nuts

I spent the beginning of the week over on Vancouver Island. My sister invited me over to go to the folk festival on Sunday, and I attended an industry meeting between Monday and Wednesday. I spent the rest of the week catching up on all the blogs, emails, and newsgroups that I subscribe to. Whew. Gotta get a life. And soon!

Oh, and I met with a potential client (that didn’t pan out).

Anyhoo…I enjoyed the visit with sister and family. We BBQ’d some lunch and headed off to the FolkFest, but gave up, came back, and watched some of the Pink Panther series on DVD. A different kind of day than what we expected.

The FolkFest was a bust for much of the audience, and the organizers seemed to notice some *issues*. But they put an optimistic spin on it:

Record Crowds Help FolkFest Weather Rainy Days (sorry, link is dead)

Planning Underway for FolkFest 2006

VICTORIA, BC, July 13, 2005—The 32nd annual ICA Folk Fest (July 1-10) attracted record crowds to performances by South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo (July 10) and k-os (July 4). “FolkFest hit its capacity for the first time ever,” said Executive Producer, Tyl van Toorn. “Word has gotten out that FolkFest is a dynamic event with high-calibre acts. We were already looking at what we could do to accommodate higher audience numbers in 2006. Our foresight was fully confirmed by this year’s success.”

The viewing area for the stage was so limited that performances filled up hours before they started. All the surrounding access was fenced and blocked off with curtains so you couldn’t see anything – even if you had paid admission – and you couldn’t hear anything outside the performance area. We made the most of it by having a bite to eat and browsing the various booths for about and hour before we left, disappointed.

They should really move that event to a bigger venue. They held it on the Victoria promenade in front of the Empress Hotel, down by the seaplane terminal. Sooo constricted. The Saanich Fairgrounds would provide much more room. Or, they could devote more area to the performances and move the booths  further along the promenade.  Simpler still, they could open up the curtains once the venues were filled – what better way to attract people for next year.

So many options. I hope they do something. There were a lot of disappointed people that I heard muttering….not nice things.

It was great to catch up with people at the conference later in the week. I hadn’t seem some of them for about a year. There was a talk about cashews by a plant breeder and I learned that the nut of a cashew is actually outside the apple.  Neat. Didn’t know that before.


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