The browser is 11 years old…

PRBlog reports that the browers is 11 years old this year. That’s probably old news to most, but I’d forgotten. Hard to believe it’s only been 11 years.

The first time I used a browser stands out for me like the death of JFK does. I was sitting in my living room with the computer against a south facing wall. I remember signing into to my service provider (Mindlink), reading the discussion boards, and finding out about a new program called Mosaic. The buzz in the ‘boards’ at the time was that this would change the world. Hmmm..2400 baud modems, Trumpet winsock, Mosaic…it’s all starting to come back to me.

I nervously downloaded the program and installed it. When I saw the first page come alive on my screen I believed all that I’d heard. This would change the world. I couldn’t stop talking about it, and within a few weeks had circumvented the bureaucracy at work to give my workgroup a dialup account with Mindlink. I even came up with an instruction sheet for staff explaining the internet, trumpet winsock, the dialler, eudora, and the world wide web. I actually ran across that document a few months ago. It was funny to read it.

Heh, look at us now. Still learning to use the world wide web. It teaches us something new every day….

By the way, I think I’ll leave the Qumana ad in for a while. I like the program, so I’ll promote it. After all, it’s free.

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