There is always a bright spot

Bright spot
No matter how low the clouds get, there’s always a bright spot somewhere.

Juan de Fuca Strait had kind of a dark mood this morning. The cloud deck was low and threatening, but still, there was a bit of light catching the edges here and there.

Calm between the storms. We had a ton of rain yesterday and more is expected tonight and tomorrow.

But, there’s always the bright spot, right?

Mr/Mrs Seagull

Mr Seagull 2
This little gull was so cooperative the other day. It sat on the rail, as I walked by and got my camera out to take a shot of the Olympics across the strait.

When I turned back, it was still there. I said out loud “How about a picture”, and it didn’t move. I swung the camera around zoomed in a bit and snapped a couple of shots. It was good enough to just sit there and put up with the paparazzi.

Now, if I could just remember to focus on the eyes and then reframe….

Salmon run

Spawning salmon
A salmon run is quite an event, and worth a visit if you get a chance.

The chum salmon are running in the Goldstream River right now. They are not as colourful as the sockeye and chinook, but the run is impressive none the less.

The fish in the photo are close to 2 feet long and are working their way up the river from an estuary at the end of Saanich Inlet on Vancouver Island. The run continues through mid December.

A beautiful, windy day on the Strait of Juan de Fuca

Waves captured just east of the Ogden Pt breakwater.

Waves captured just east of the Ogden Pt breakwater.

The wind picked up this afternoon and whipped the Strait into a mild frenzy.

Quite a few cars along Dallas Rd got completely soaked. I can’t believe people would park there, when the salty waves were washing onto the street; but there ya go.

Some folks walking along the sidewalk and out on the breakwater got pretty much drenched too. Quite a surprise, I expect. You run to miss one wave just to meet another, as it crashes over you head-on. I stuck to the high ground, but still got misted once or twice. Even though you think you’re invincible, nature will get you one way or another 😉

I’ve seen pictures of Dallas Rd. in a windstorm before, but I don’t think I’ve actually been down there during one. Quite exciting.

Definitely had to wipe the spray off my camera when I got home today.

Everything is new again

Pink Rose

One thing about moving to a new city is that everything is new again. Sure, it takes time to get set up with all the new stores and services that you need on a daily basis, but that’s good, because it helps you establish some new (hopefully better) habits.

I’ve never lived this close to a downtown before. I can walk almost everywhere I need to go on a daily basis, bus services is frequent, at about every 20 min or so and the city is very bike friendly. Oh, I still use my car now and then, but most of the time, I can just leave it parked. Nice.

Ahem, new cameras are nice too 😉

I found that I was leaving my DSLR at home more and more as I walked around the city. It just seemed to be getting heavier and heavier, so  just over a month ago, I took the step over to a mirrorless camera. The mirrorless systems are much lighter than the DSLRs.

I got a Fuji X-T1 and some lenses. There are others by Nikon, Sony and other folks, and they’re all good, but I really liked the Fuji for its retro look. It reminds me of a Pentax Spotmatic I had as my first camera, back in the day. I’ll keep my Nikons and all the gear for now, but for walkabout shots, I’m carrying the Fuji.

I took the shot above on a photo walk with some folks from Fuji. They came to Victoria on a promotional tour and brought a few different cameras and lenses for folks to try. It was a fun half day at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. Beacon Hill is a much more developed park than Green Timbers Park in Surrey, but there were lots of things to photograph, so it was a good day.